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A huge thanks to the journalists for their various Press release about ReminiSens!

Thank you for visiting us in the corridors of Time directly to the XVIIIth century to interview us. You allow us to make a concept and an idea visible... and to bring it to life! 

Have a nice travel thoughout those different Press release about ReminiSens: articles, media & presentations about the 1st Baroque Cabaret in Versailles!

Press release about ReminiSens: International Articles & Blogs

Read all the Press Articles that were released in several International Magazines and Blogs (Paris Match, BonZour Japon, The journalists and Bloggers reveal their own experience of Time Travel.

Overnighting in Versailles

Beyond Château Versailles: Overnighting in Versailles, the city of the Sun King

09 Oct 2019 ‘Overnighting in Versailles’ | By Ken Scrudato View Article here “Living in the culinary shadow of Paris can proove particularly dauting. However, when overnighting in Versailles, we dined like visiting dignitaries, with equal measures of pomp, camp and chic. Indeed, most amuzingly, we made a spontaneous swerve into camp the following evening. Opting for the flamboyant dinner theater at ReminiSens. Done up like a baroque era salon, with staff in appropriate period costumes, we were treated to the improv staging of a lascivious, 18th century rom-com, while we dined on quite good asparagus velouté & guinea fowl. It’s not for everyone – but it was certainly proof that Versailles has its cheeky sense…

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Versailles – Sehenswürdigkeiten und Insidertipps – by NIna Soentgerath

Versailles – Sehenswürdigkeiten und Insidertipps für die Stadt

04 Jun 2019

Reisehappen | By Nina Soentgerath View Article Here Versailles – Sehenswürdigkeiten und Insidertipps – Denkt man an Versailles, denkt man meistens ausschließlich an das Schloss Versailles. Viele besichtigen das Schloss wohl im Rahmen eines Tagesausflugs während einer Städtereise nach Paris. Nur wenige bleiben aber tatsächlich in Versailles und schauen sich die Stadt an, was wirklich Schade ist. Die Stadt hat nämlich noch viel mehr zu bieten als „nur“ das Schloss. Rund um das Schloss gibt es traumhafte Gärten, aber auch weitere Sehenswürdigkeiten in der Stadt und kulinarisch gesehen war Versailles das absolute Highlight meiner letzten Reise nach Frankreich. Meine Lieblingsorte in Versailles, Geheimtipps für die Stadt und die schönsten Restaurants und Cafés findest Du…

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Napa Valley Register “Cooking from the King’s Garden”

31 May 2019

Napa Valley Register | by Georgeanne Brennan View Article “Cooking from the King’s Garden” VERSAILLES, France — How would you like Cooking from the King’s Garden, Le Potager du Roi? More than 300 years ago, King Louis XIV commissioned a potager and fruitorchard to supply the kitchens of his grand palace in Versailles. Jean-Baptiste de la Quintinie, who designed the gardens, recommended for the potager more than 100 different vegetables and herbs with specificity, including eight different kinds of cabbage, 17 of lettuce, asparagus, peas, artichokes, two kinds of capers, and both root and leaf chervil. Strawberries, raspberries, melons, and rhubarb were included in the potager plantings. Notably missing from the list are tomatoes,…

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BonZour Japon

BonZour Japon

05 Jun 2017

BonZour Japon n° 63 : アントワネットの視線で巡るヴェルサイユは楽しい! 1682年、ルイ14世の命により建てられた世界一有名なシャトー(城)、ヴェルサイユ宮殿。フランス後期バロック建築の第一人者、建築家ジュール・アルドゥアン・マンサールの壮麗な宮殿造りは、太陽王と謳われたルイ14世の栄光を誇示する狙いもあった。この宮殿に暮らしたのは、ルイ14、15、16世の三世代で、1789年のフランス革命によって王政が倒れるまでのもっとも華やかな時代を生きた王たちだった。 BonZour Japon – Article et photos à propose de ReminiSens

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TV Shows

ReminiSens has had the honnor of receiving the visit of TV cameras (such as Ovation TV, etc) in its baroque salons and was even invited on the set of a TV Porgram!

Watch it right here...

Versailles in 2 hours by NHK Japan

Versailles in 2 hours – NHK Japan

30 Sep 2018

Versailles in 2 Hours | by NHK The resplendent 17th century residence of the House of Bourbon conquered: Versailles in 2 hours! This program offers the ultimate route that can be covered at a leisurely pace, compiled through extensive research with veteran guides and actually walking it in real-time with a stopwatch. Filmed in dazzling 8K, the immersive tour is shot from a tourist’s point of view. Through the mirror-lined corridors to the huge gardens. Evoking the extraordinary lives of the palace’s former residents, who among others include Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette. Since 1980, NHK has undertaken co-production projects with broadcasters, production companies and distributors from all parts of the world. In an…

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Ovation TV at ReminiSens

Ovation TV at ReminiSens

13 Sep 2018

Ovation TV at ReminiSens: Host Carly Steel checks out the best things to do in Versailles, France. From the famed palace and gardens to the extraordinary chateau that helped inspire it. Then, to the quaint local shops and cuisine, she explores what makes Versailles such a special place. Ovation Tv Creates A Programming Feast For Fans In Advance Of The Third And Final Season Of Versailles

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