Murder Party : Police investigation at the Court

Murder Party : Life-size police investigation with actors.

You're plunged into a giant cluedo and have to solve an investigation as a team.

Become a true disciple of the famous Lieutenant de La Reynie.

Uncover clues, ask questions and solve the mysteries that await you...

Qui est La Reynie...?

Search, question, uncover secrets!

Murder in the Salons of the King's Favorite

During the gala evening to which you have been invited by the Marquise Hortense de Guermansay, favorite of the Sun King, you witness a murder, and the suspects are still at the scene.

Using clues you glean or discover throughout the animation, help our investigator Mr. Belin de Cressac to discover the culprit by questioning our suspects!

  • Théâtre Participatif - Evanouissement ou Meurtre ?
    Evanouissement ou Meurtre ?
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