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Watch our institutionnal videos to get a glimse of the Time Travel Experience!

Videotapes: An evening in a Baroque Cabaret

In the salons of Madame la Marquise, Everyone at court come running. Therefore, you shall appreciate this ballet composed of the service of dishes, playlets of Theater and Birthday celebrations!

We expect your presence to the next feast organized by Madame !

ReminiSens Trailor

In the Hushed heat of a Baroque venue, in the candlelight, a Dinner from another time delights the guests. They enjoy delicacies and spicy anecdotes described by their host.

Come and join them!

Event "Conspiracy in Versailles"

In the marvelous setting of the Royal Stables, very close to the Palace of Versailles, a gala dinner is taking place. And yet, while the guests are enjoying a Cocktail drink, a dreadful accident occurs! Accident... or murder? The guests will then have the entire eveing to elucidate this mystery...

vidéos Photographies ReminiSens Restaurant Théâtre - Cabaret Baroque - Pose pour le peintre

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Photos of the dishes, of the costumes or details of the setting, dive into our baroque world. We regulary publish photos of our baroque evenings, portraits or animations movies (Baron stealing out of the kitchen, dispute between masters and valets, or music lesson for our Marquise, etc...).

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