Baroque Costumes Rental

Looking for a Grand Siècle costume (men's or women's) for your evenings at the Château de Versailles?

L'atelier de Dorine, in collaboration with ReminiSens, offers some of its unique creations for hire, to shine at the French Court. Costumes handmade by Dorine or designers from the Yvelines region.

Rental includes: a fitting session beforehand by appointment, post-hire care, and availability of the costume for 3 days. A deposit is required for all rentals (returned when the costume is returned after rental).


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Robe à la Française - La Pompadour
Robe à l'Anglaise - Les Fougères
Robe 17e Siècle - La Montespan
La bleu roi
Robe 17e Siècle - La Vallière
Les chinoiseries
Robe en Bergère - Les Chinoiseries
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