Beyond Château Versailles: Overnighting in Versailles, the city of the Sun King ‘Overnighting in Versailles’ | By Ken Scrudato

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“Living in the culinary shadow of Paris can proove particularly dauting. However, when overnighting in Versailles, we dined like visiting dignitaries, with equal measures of pomp, camp and chic.

Indeed, most amuzingly, we made a spontaneous swerve into camp the following evening. Opting for the flamboyant dinner theater at ReminiSens.

Done up like a baroque era salon, with staff in appropriate period costumes, we were treated to the improv staging of a lascivious, 18th century rom-com, while we dined on quite good asparagus velouté & guinea fowl. It’s not for everyone – but it was certainly proof that Versailles has its cheeky sense of humor, if you know were to look for it. “

Thank you Ken Scrudato for visiting us and mentionning ReminiSens in your article!

Team ReminiSens Restaurant Theater
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