Discovery Dinner Show


  • 3-courses menu
  • immersive Theater Show
  • Service in baroque costumes


Discovery Dinner Show

3-courses menu

Taste our dishes inspired by period recipes: choose between our selection of starters, mais courses and desserts. Learn everything about the food anecdotes of that time!

Our menus vary according to the seasons. Moreover, they are composed of products found on the royal tables of the XVIIth and XVIIIth centuries. Thus, our Chef de Cuisine and her team revisit the recipes and propose a contemporary dressing.

Theatre show

Your guests will travel through time, to the Grand Siècle in the corridors of Versailles. The play will take place in the baroque salon, throughout the meal, between courses. It will be immersive and participative. 

The theater program will change throughout the year: an immersion in the XVIIth century with Louis XIV or André Le Nôtre. Or in the XVIIIth century to find Louis XV the Beloved or Queen Marie-Antoinette! Therefore, our Theater Plays tell anecdotes and historical facts from these periods as if you were living them yourself! The shows are played in french and interaction can be in english

Service in baroque costumes

Discover the fashion of these periods thanks to the staff and the actors all dressed in XVIIth or XVIIIth century clothes.

Based on models of the period, adapted to the needs of the baroque cabaret, our dressmaking partners in the region have created a range of baroque costumes retracing the fashions of the XVIIth and XVIIIth centuries: Robe à la Mantua, Robe à la Française or Robe à la Polonaise.

Discovery dinner show

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Additional information

Theater at your Table

Booking available all year long Except during Special Events Periods

Terms of validity

6 months from the date of purchase

Theater Plays in English

Scandals at the court of the Sun King, Louis XV & his dangerous relationships

Le 1er Cabaret Baroque de Versailles