Theater in the Salon

Live like a King of France for one evening!

Become a witness of a "Theater in the Salon" Performance with actors evolving around you and performing a Play for the whole Baroque Salon, as if you were at the heart of th action!

Enjoy very captivating staging with various costumes, arts performances and lights effects. 

Songs, Pantomimes, Poems, or live Music: all Arts at the service of a ride in the corridors of Time!


This format is available during our Special Events throughout the year: Valentine's week or "Molière's Month" in Jun.

Gallant Love in the gardens

For celebrating Saint Valentine's, we come up with a Special Event : a show about a romantic love story in the XVIIth century taking place in Versailles.

Love songs, Baroque poems and historical anecdotes in the groves of the gardens of the palace of Versailles.

During a whole week, come and celebrate Love in the XVIIth century!

The show is performed in French - We can provide a guide book in english and interaction with actors in english

Performance Dates: Valentine's week

ReminiSens creation

  • Photographies Théâtre de Salon - Saint Valentin - Faire la Cour à une dame
    "Madame, vous êtes faite pour me rendre heureux"

Molière and the valets' rebellion

During the famous "Molière month" in the city of Versailles, moment of pomotion of Arts everywhere in the town, in June, come and enjoy our creation: a medley of the most famous and entertaining scenes of Molière literature (tartuffe, Les fourberies de Scapin, le malade imaginaire, etc…).

Fun, witticisms, blackmailing & good mood guaranteed!

The show is performed in French - We can provide summaries of the plots and interaction with actors in english

Performance Dates: Molière's Month - June

ReminiSens creation from the work of Jean Baptiste Poquelin, alias « Molière »

Who was Molière...

  • Photographies Théâtre de Salon - Mois Molière - Jeu de valets
    "Mais voyons, elle ne le fera pas !"