Immersive & Participatory Shows

A Unique and Enchanting Time Travel Experience

Our actors will captivate you with Immersives & Participatory Shows.
You will travel through time to live one evening in the XVIIth or XVIIIth century in Versailles!
In our Baroque Cabaret, you will discover life at the Court of Versailles and some of the most fascinating intrigues and protagonists of French History (Each play is inspired by historical anecdotes).

One of the most lively experience you'll ever have!


Our shows are:

Original creations inspired by historical facts 

Played in French or English by our comedians

Immersive & Participatory to the will of the guest


They will take you back to the atmosphere of the court of the XVIIth & XVIIIth century and make you live and feel the habits, relationships, intrigues and feelings of the French nobility of that time.

For this purpose, the relationships between the characters of our plays are various and punctuated by moments of strong emotions.

Immersive & Participative Shows and its many forms...

« Theater at your table »

A Theater Performance in 3 acts, which is played at your table, throughout the dinner, as if you overheard a private conversation about intrigues and court secrets...

Make your choice!

Choose between our 2 propositions which can be played in English : One is about Louis XIV and the scandals of his reign and the other will get you in the intimacy of Louis XV and La Pompadour.

This format is available all year long, except during our Special events of "Theater in the Salon" or "Participatory Theater"

« Theater in the Salon »

A Theater Performance played for the entire Salon composed by several individual tables, as if you were in the heart of the intrigue taking place around you! Shows are in French - Interaction & context can be in English

Enjoy immersive stagings, change of costumes and light effects. Songs, Pantomimes, Poems, or live music: Arts at the service of a trip in the corridors of time!

This format is available during our Special Events throughout the year: Valentine's week or "Molière's Month" in June

« Participatory Theater »

We organize participatory entertainments combining Theatricle Performances & Improvisations: ‘Police investigation at the court of the king’ or 'Banquet at the table of a French History Protagonist’.

Take part of an outstanding evening where you become a member of the Court and live the XVIIth / XVIIIth century as if your were born back then!

Interaction can be in English.

This format is available during Special Events: Louis XIV's week (1st to 5th of Sept), Halloween's week or New year's eve.

Photographies Théâtre à la Table - Marie Antoinette ou les femmes à la Cour - Ma Nouvelle Amie
Cabaret Baroque - Albert, Comte de Mercoeur
Cabaret Baroque - Marquise de la Chambonière
Théâtre à la Table - Louis XV & ses liaisons dangeruses - Les Lettres
Théâtre à la table - Le Nôtre & les secrets des jardins - Accolade romantique
Cabaret Baroque - Baron de la Poudrière
Cabaret Baroque - Dorine danse
Photographies Théâtre à la Table - Scandales à la Cour du Roi Soleil - Conseil de Frère
Cabaret Baroque - Théâtre immersif et participatif - Théâtre à la Table -
Cabaret Baroque - Baron de Plancoët
Cabaret Baroque - Marquise Rose de Montmorency
Cabaret Baroque - Expérience de théâtre immersif