Become your own Historical Character!

We organize participatory theater entertainments combining Theatricle Performances & Improvisations: ‘Police investigation at the court of the king’ or 'Banquet at the table of a French History Protagonist’.

Take part in an outstanding evening where you become a member of the Court and live the XVIIth / XVIIIth century as if your were born back then!

This format is available during our Special Events: Louis XIV's week celebration (1st to 5th of September), Halloween's week or New year's eve.

Police Investigation at Court

Participate to a full scale XVIIth century Murder Mystery Party and become an assistant commissionner of the famous De la Reynie, Lieutenant general of Police under the reign of Louis XIV.

Find the clues, ask questions and unravel the mysteries that are taking place in the baroque cabaret...

This show can be performed entirely in English

Who was La Reynie...?

  • Théâtre Participatif - Evanouissement ou Meurtre ?
    Evanouissement ou Meurtre ?

Conspiracy in Versailles: Murder at Court

During the Gala Dinner, to which you have been invited by Marquise Hortense de Guermansay, Favorite of the King, you are the witness of a murder, and the suspects are still on the crime scene...

Analyse the clues that you gather and discover throughout the activity, Interrogate the suspects and help our inspector Sir Belin de Cressac to find out who is guilty!

 Performance Date: New Year's Eve

Participatory Theater Performance written by Marine Montaut


Banquet at the table of an Historical Figure

You are invited to have dinner at the table of a famous historical character of French History for a memorable Banquet full of emotions!

You will embody the role of a relative of your noble host, who has rubbed shoulders with him/her during their lives. Now is the time to ask all the question which remained unanswered for all those years...

Those Shows are composed of a scripted part in French and Improvisation which can be performed in English

Dinning with Marie Queen of Scotts & Elizabeth Ist 

2 queens, 2 inseparable destinies...
Have dinner with the ghosts of Marie Queen of Scotts (& France) & Elizabeth 1st!
Those 2 « sister ennemies » finaly meet in death at ReminiSens... Between resentment & fascination,
how will they react?

« Let's feast at leisure! »

Performance dates : Halloween's week

Participatory Theater Play written & directed by Lise Gervais

  • Théâtre Participatif - Banquet Marie Stuart - 2 Maries & 1 Elizabeth
    "Comme une douce réminiscence de mon enfance... Mais serait-ce Elizabeth ?"

Dinning with Louis XIV, La Montespan & La Maintenon

Both of them made a deep impression on the King's life and set his heart aflutter: one was his Favorite & the other was his secret spouse.

Their destinies are closely tied : the fall of one lady led to the social advancement of the other... Or is it the opposite?

Discover the answer while dining along with the Sun King!

Performance Dates: Louis XIV's week (1st week of September)

Participatory Theater Play written & directed by Lise Gervais

  • Photographies Dîner gastronomique & théâtral à Versailles
    Dîner gastronomique & théâtral